What You'll Learn:

Bachata is a fun, sultry dance that originated in the Dominican Republic and has taken the world by storm. In this class, you'll learn the alluring, signature moves that include quick steps, smooth hip motions and a signature “tap” accented on the fourth beat.


Meet Paulina from Take My Lead LA

Hi, I'm your instructor Paulina and I love sharing the gift of dance. I'm originally from Sweden and now live in LA with my husband. Dancing is a fabulous way to socialize, exercise and stay motivated.


Take My Lead LA is a centrally located ballroom studio in Los Angeles. Our goal is to spread happiness through the art and movement of dance. 


Class Details:

Group size: 1-10 people

Duration: 30 minutes

Availability: All mornings & early afternoons


Next Steps:

Once a class package has been purchased, Finli will be in contact with you to set up the class!

Put On Your Dancing Shoes: Bachata Basics

  • At Finli, we work with family centric schools & studios everyday to help them run their neighborhood businesses. Due to the (COVID-19) pandemic, the majority of them have their doors shut to business to protect the community at large. So today, we're helping them get students for their online classes.

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