Transmitted Virtually From: Los Angeles, CA


When: Flexible


About the class:
Join in the fun with your little lovebug! See why LoveBug & Me has been voted "Best of Los Angeles" for the past 5 years. We will virtually join you and your lovebug in your home and bring the joy of music! Be ready with any musical instruments you have... pots, pans and spoons are great!! Our Magical Music Educators and our puppet friend, LoveBug, can’t wait to see you!


About LoveBug & Me

LoveBug & Me is one of the most unique Parent & Child music programs you will find. Our acclaimed program offers special themes to capture the imaginations of kids & adults. Babies and toddlers alike gain an early appreciation for music, while enhancing brain development, listening, communication, reasoning, social, and motor skills. LoveBug & Me Music believes in a holistic, integrated approach. With mixed-age classes, we welcome kids ages 0-6, parents, grandparents, nannies, and all caregivers.


Q: What is special about LoveBug & Me?


A: Music is magical. That's why our teachers are Magical Music Educators. We are so excited to share in the joys of music while facilitating community, connection and bonding. Our online classes are very personalized so that you feel like we are there with you. Our teachers are one-of-a-kind special.


Q: Tell us something unique about your class?


A: Our puppet friend, LoveBug, comes to every class. The kids LOVE him!



LoveBug & Me Favorites

  • At Finli, we work with family centric schools & studios everyday to help them run their neighborhood businesses. Due to the (COVID-19) pandemic, the majority of them have their doors shut to business to protect the community at large. So today, we're helping them get students for their online classes.

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