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A better birthday party gift

Lori Shao • July 7, 2019

We as parents are tasked with planning (and paying for) at least one birthday party a year and even for those of us who are natural event planners, it can be a real pain mentally, physically, and financially.

At the start of their birthday month, our children begin to excitedly anticipate their birthdays and it seems with each passing year their expectations for their birthday party grow along with them. 

Maybe its social media to blame, where celebrity parents like DJ Khaled show off $100,000 watches and custom Roll Royce cars for their son’s first birthday, but it seems like we are in an era of peak over-the-top birthday parties.

On just first birthday parties alone, 26 percent of parents spend $500 or more according to a survey conducted by 

Over the course of childhood, those parties (and the gifts that come with them) can really add up: Asda, a retailer in the United Kingdom reports that parents spend a whopping $28,000(!) on a single child’s birthdays through age 21.

And that’s just for one child! For families with multiple children, birthdays can quickly transform from a cause for celebration into a cause for concern.

Now all of this isn’t too say we’re going to stop having birthday parties for our children, however, we believe that there’s one area in particular where we as parents can be much less wasteful: gifts.

A familiar situation

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before: you throw a birthday party for your child, their friends (their parents really) come bearing gifts, and by the time that the unwrapping is complete, there’s at least one toy that your child already has.

Multiply that situation across the countless birthday parties our children attend throughout the year and you can see how prevalent this problem really is -- and, how big of an impact we can make as parents by rethinking the way we gift.

The gift of Finli

With Finli, instead of buying numerous gifts that your childs’ friends may or may not already have, you can give the most meaningful gift of all: directly contribute to the programs and activities that they love most.

Not only will we help reduce the waste created by redundant gifts, more importantly, we can help fellow parents manage the rising costs of all things kid-related, from piano lessons to soccer camp and everything in between.

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