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Introduction to striking defense, head movement & blocking

Instructor: Coach Nathan

Transmitting Virtually From:
Downey, CA
M - F, 8:30am - 9:30am
Class Description:
Students will learn the fundamental of striking defense, head movement and blocking techniques in striking martial arts.
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Q: What excites you about your craft?

A: What excites me about Muay Thai is that it is an art form where knowledge can always be gained since techniques are vast, and it is a challenging skill that can be perfected through practice.


I love to teach Muay Thai because I enjoy observing people’s progression in skill level and assisting them in reaching fitness goals through martial arts.

Q: Tell us something unique about you?

A: My favorite hobby other than martial arts is surfing. I’ve been surfing since I was 9, and it is a favorite past time.


Coach Nathan with Academy Martial Arts

Nathan began training in Muay Thai, and even studied Martial Arts with Muay Thai legends. He soon discovered a love for teaching and personal fitness, and has now been teaching Martial Arts and personal fitness for over five years.

How it Works


Each 30 min class is held 1 - 2 times weekly via Zoom. We’ll coordinate a time slot that works well for your team and the instructor.

Class Size

Classes are capped at 10 participants, but can range anywhere from 2 - 10 in size.


Each participant will need physical space (3 x 3 feet recommended) and computer access. No previous experience necessary.

Fee Structure

100% of tuition collected goes to the neighborhood school. 

Select one of two class packages:

Class Package

Option 1

4 weekly classes/$250

+ a convenience fee (3%)

Class Package

Option 2

8 twice-weekly classes/$500

+ a convenience fee (3%)

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