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Breath in, breath out

Instructor: Kamel

Transmitting Virtually From:
Malibu, California
Mon - Sun, 8:00 am -12:00 pm 
Class Description:
Relieve anxiety and improve energy flow with Kamel, a former international businessman who recently endured an extraordinary life transition. His new found purpose led him to develop this unique form of yogic breathwork and meditation.
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Q: What excites you about your craft?

A: I love to give back and live beyond myself. It’s rewarding to see how I’ve impacted the lives of others through martial arts, and to be able to serve as a role model and leader in my community.

Q: Tell us something unique about you?

A: I love to quote MOVIES! Almost always, when I can, I will make a movie quote or reference. Most of all, I love doing it in a way that seems casual (and not obvious). Most of the time people won’t catch it... but I love it when they do. Is that strange?


Kamel with WONDERS of BEING

Master Charlie started training in Martial Arts when he was 11 years old and became the head instructor of his academy when he was 19. Since then, He has had the greatest time teaching countless seminars from law enforcement to women empowerment and helping to create a bully-free zone in many elementary schools. 

How it Works


Each 30 min class is held 1 - 2 times weekly via Zoom. We’ll coordinate a time slot that works well for your team and the instructor.

Class Size

Classes are capped at 10 participants, but can range anywhere from 2 - 10 in size.


Each participant will need physical space (3 x 3 feet recommended) and computer access. No previous experience necessary.

Fee Structure

100% of tuition collected goes to the neighborhood school. 

Select one of two class packages:

Class Package

Option 1

4 weekly classes/$250

+ a convenience fee (3%)

Class Package

Option 2

8 twice-weekly classes/$500

+ a convenience fee (3%)

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